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  • w1250

  • Manejo De Material: De Acero Inoxidable
  • Tipo de: Plegable Cuchillo
  • BRICOLAJE, Suministros: Carpintería
  • Material De La Cuchilla: De Acero Inoxidable
  • Nombre De La Marca: HONGMUHAN

● Modelo: B-149

Hoja material: acero inoxidable

● Longitud total: 227mm

Manejo de material: acero + resina

Blade: 98mm

La tecnología de superficie: espejo de la luz

Hoja ancho: 25mm

Peso: 160 g (incluyendo el embalaje)

Grosor de la hoja: 2. 9mm

● Productos de embalaje: bolso de los PP + caja

● Uso: deportes al aire libre,

Auto-conducción de viaje, regalo de herramientas,

Camping colección, etc.

Negnii Tigrenok
Amazing heavy duty and sharp!!!
Never made it, I was refunded
Ilie Savciuk
Excellent quality!!!!! Product never came but I ordered another one and it came fine with the more expensive shipping. If you don’t pay for the higher shipping (E-Packet seems to be really fast) enjoy your new smile. Take pictures and post your before and afters. Mine I took after two weeks and could see the difference.
Princeslovely 17
I ordered a pink one and recieved a white one. Very disappointed :/

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