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  • Metales Tipo: PLATA
  • CertificateType: CNA
  • Anillos Tipo: Las Bandas De La Boda
  • Género: Unisex
  • Nombre De La Marca: ZABRA
  • El Sello De Metal: 925,Sterling
  • La Piedra Principal: NINGUNO
  • La forma\patrón: Esqueleto
  • Ocasión: Parte
  • Multa o de la Moda: Fina
  • Tipo De Elemento: Anillos
  • Estilo: Vintage, Moda, Punk, Rock
  • Peso: 14 g

Alma Ito
Axlfa Net
Finger at 6,6cm. I took 13 and she is huge, even on my thumb she size too big, I cut it for the formed to my finger, then I polished with the small brush provided and frankly I am delighted, it is superb, some small polishing defects without importance because for the price, There is really nothing to say, I love her very much, she is really beautiful. I hope the gilding will last a long time, engraving 925S missing, I recommend the seller even if the communication with the French seems difficult. 12,8g and no surprise when I cut the ring. For a first purchase I am pleasantly surprised. Thank you Zabra, I will buy you again.

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